Welcome! Here's Why You Will Want to Come Back.

Thanks for taking the time to visit this site! I'll be regularly writing about happenings in the energy efficiency and green building worlds on this blog. One of the best parts of this industry is just how fast things are moving, so check back, add the RSS feed to your reader, or sign up for the newsletter. 

I started Ember Strategies because of the passion I saw my colleagues putting into their "green" projects. It didn't matter if they worked for environmental organizations, think tanks, product manufacturers, real estate companies, or architecture, engineering and construction firms, each organization was dedicated to better products, better buildings, and a better world. Everyone agreed on the end goal, but those first steps were tough. I wanted to help them.

I'll be writing about projects I'm working on and general happenings in the industry. Comments will be enabled and I will answer as much as I can. If you are in this field or just tracking it, I think you will find value in this space.