Turn Your iPhone Into a Thermal Camera? Yes, Please.

FLIR, a company that makes thermal imaging tools sent out a press release yesterday announcing they will be taking pre-orders on the "FLIR ONE" which looks like an iPhone case that gives your phone the ability to display a thermal image (yes, like in Predator).

I wonder if this gizmo will bring the home improvement/DIY crowd to home energy efficiency. To this point, most DIY efficiency improvements involve guessing what to improve (weatherstripping, window sealing, some more attic insulation, why not?) or figuring out how to get access to special equipment (like blower doors and thermal cameras). 

Now with a $350 iPhone add-on you can see if you are making a difference. You can walk outside on a cold night (or hot day) and see where your money is being wasted. 

Certainly this gadget is not a replacement for a real live home energy professional, but at least now you find some energy waste problems on your own.

And leaky home aside, now I can finally convince my girlfriend there is NO BEAR outside the tent without ever getting out of my sleeping bag. I'm pre-ordering.

Like this but with an iPhone...

Like this but with an iPhone...