Commercial real estate is changing.

Cities will soon regulate the energy use of existing buildings and require efficiency upgrades.

Evolving carbon-based metrics will make the choice of what energy you use and when you use it more important than how much you use.

Indoor environment monitoring will allow occupants to measure the impact their homes and offices have on their health and well being, with unclear implications for who, ultimately, is responsible for that environment.

Climate change will unevenly exacerbate risk across markets.

The disruption of utility business models will reopen long-settled questions about infrastructure. Direct access? District systems? Connected or independent?

And the next recession might be just one tweet away...

Ember Strategies advises real estate companies, developers, and large corporate occupiers on each of these topics. We can help you take the first step in the right direction based on your goals, your opportunities, and your capabilities.

Why should you care?

Owners of buildings that charge top rent in each market have the most to lose if they are caught unprepared by a shift in expectations or an economic downturn.

  • Is the indoor environment as good as occupants assume it is? How will you prove it? Should tenants paying top rent expect top IEQ? How good is good enough right now? In the future?

  • Do you plan for resilience and business continuity?

  • How will you pursue electrification, grid optimization, long-term reductions in energy intensity and total usage, or otherwise contribute to your city’s carbon reduction goals?

Developers making the largest investments must see all possible outcomes, and plan to come out ahead in all likely scenarios.

  • How can you make the risk-informed business case to do what needs to be done and set the precedent that all will follow?

  • How do you find the big ROI that others fail to see?

  • How do you work with cities, utilities, and other decision makers to do the impossible?

Corporate occupiers have brief moments of leverage where they can make the decisions that will determine their ultimate exposure to a variety of risks.

  • What city, which building?

  • Where do they want to be and what do they want to do there?

  • How will they know they are getting what they pay for?

The only constant is change, and the rate of change is accelerating. Ember Strategies helps clients see change coming and choose the path forward that allows them to prosper, no matter how the political or technical winds may shift along the way.