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2019, already! Did 2018 really happen? Better not spend too much time wondering or 2020 will sneak up behind you!

January 11, 2019

Every new year is an excellent excuse to look forward and resolve, sure, but also to look back and marvel at all that was done (or not done). In my case, I look back on a wonderful year, and I am grateful to my partners, colleagues and clients for our successes and struggles. I feel a bit guilty that we had so much fun fighting the good fight...

So what have I been up to? Where did I go? I get these questions all the time, at every conference and event. That, and “What happened to your newsletter?” I’m sheepishly apologetic, looking back at the website and seeing no updates since October 2017. Ironically, I see a post about smoke in San Francisco, but wow, we had not seen anything yet. Everything feels different after the Camp Fire. Hard to believe it was just six weeks ago.

Yes, I’ve been busy, sorry about the silence! I’ve also lost track of all the NDAs I’ve signed at this point, which means much of my public communication now centers around making faces and grunting. Charming, I’m sure, but not so great for blogs and newsletters.

So, I’ve decided to overhaul the website, and remove the false promise of regular updates that are not about to come. Instead, I’ve added simple, somewhat provocative summaries of the type of work we are doing at the moment, arranged by topic and by user.

  • For real estate companies trying to decide how to prepare for a future where Climate Risk is driving portfolio composition and Indoor Environment Quality is understood, measurable, and manageable.

  • For cities looking for solutions that will help them evolve their existing building stock and reach 80% or more by 2050 carbon goals.

  • For developers striving for net positive energy/water/waste, at the building scale or district scale while confronting risk averse regulators.

Check out the updated client and project list as well. Green building design and certification, energy efficiency, city benchmarking and audits, codes and standards, IEQ monitoring - all so 2017! 2018 has seen us move into water supply planning and on-site water systems, district energy and water systems, California utility regulations, utility rate forecasting, infrastructure and resilience risk assessment and portfolio future proofing. Guess now I know better than to try to predict where we go in 2019!

I’ve learned that I bring the best value to clients when they are trying to do what has never been done and confronting rapidly evolving technical and political landscapes. For whatever reason, I enjoy taking apart thorny problems, identifying the fundamental pieces and using them to illuminate the path forward. Not impossible, but not easy.

We are making it happen here in the Bay Area - don’t be a stranger if you want to know more!