Indoor Environment Quality

What is “good” Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)? What about “good enough”?

The truth is, no one knows, but plenty of folks will try to tell you.

One thing is certain, the “wild west” phase of the indoor built environment won’t last. The technology is changing too rapidly and the financial downsides of poor IEQ are reaching the C-suite. It is only a matter of time before the most important metrics start to make their way into lease language…

We can help you define your portfolio approach - what questions are you trying to answer? What answers are you looking for?

We help clients get what they pay for. We’ve advised IEQ monitoring programs across four continents in response to rapidly evolving technology and emerging liability concerns.

We’ve designed monitoring plans for existing buildings and new developments.

We have worked with certification systems like Fitwel, RESET, NABERS IE and LEED.

We’ve helped clients design pilots, evaluated vendors, selected and installed hardware, identified ideal monitoring locations, and provided data analysis and reports that definitively answer strategic questions. We help clients choose who to work with so they find the value they are seeking.

We DO NOT make hardware, provide IAQ testing or monitoring services, but we work with partners who do. We are always happy to connect you if you have interest in these services.